The Romanian Society of Hypertension was founded in 2011 under the 246/2055 law and according to its own regulations, having as fouding members prof. dr. Dorobanţu Maria, prof. dr. Brukner Ion-Victor, prof. dr. Macarie Cezar, prof. dr. Lichiardopol Radu and prof. dr. Schiller Adalbert.

Arterial hypertension (AHT) is a global health problem. A quarter of the world population suffers from hypertension and it is estimated that by 2025 the number of individuals who have the disease will reach 1.5 billion. Therefore AHT is the most common cardiovascular risk factor. Studies performed on a large scale in the last decade have demonstrated the possibility to reduce cardiovascular risk, specifically risk of stroke by strict control of blood pressure values.

The predominance of AHT in the Romanian population is 40% and the control of blood pressure in treated hypertensives is only 20%. This data should be corrected in the near future through a proper health policy for early detection and adequate treatment of this condition. Professional associations formed of physicians with main interest in caring for patients with hypertension may contribute substantially to this objective.

RSH was established in order to bring together physicians from specialties directly involved in the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension such as cardiology, internal medicine, nephrology, neurology, endocrinology, general medicine or that of nutrition disorders and diabetes. RSH aims to become a platform of communication between the representatives of these specialties, to develop progammes of continuous medical education in order to enhance the level of information on AHT, to initiate multi-center clinical research projects to contribute to the scientific progress in this field and, last but not least, to inform the population on the avail of periodic measurement of blood pressure and of the proper treatment of AHT. In order to carry out these objectives RSH intends to collaborate constructively with scientific associations in Romania or worldwide, such as the European Society of Hypertension and International Society and Hypertension.

Romanian Society of Hypertension OrdinanceRomanian Society of Hypertension Ordinance

Romanian Society of Hypertension was founded with the following goals: 
• The detection, assessment and treatment of hypertension (AHT) in order to reduce the negative impact of AHT on the health of Romanian population
• The development of the prevention activities of AHT and its complications
• The stimulation and promotion of scientific research into the fundamental field (physiology, pathophysiology), in the clinical, epidemiological and preventive field, of invasive and noninvasive investigations and exploration and also in the fiels of the therapy of hypertension and its complications (neurological, cardiac, vascular, renal)
• The continuous growth of the scientific level of the members of the Association
• Supporting the applications for obtaining the European Hypertension Specialist title for Romanian physicians
• The Romanian Society of Hypertension encourages and supports the development of Excellence Centres of the European Society of Hypertension in Romania.
• To educate the population in order to detect hypertension and to treat it properly.
• The 2012 program includes: courses credited by CME, the National Conference of Hypertension and a summer school conducted together with the European Society of Hypertension.